Ductwork leakage testing

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Global Warming has become a serious issue involving everyone and everything including the HVAC Industry. As this threat continues, state and federal regulations are continually changing and becoming more stringent in their energy guideline design requirements for HVAC designers. Because of this, HVAC systems are being more closely scrutinized than ever before and will continue to be as long as global warming continues to be a threat. With changes constantly being implemented into HVAC design guidelines, duct leakage requirements can be expected to be less than 1 percent of the total system CFM design. To meet the challenges of these ever changing requirements, Commissioning Impianti srl offers a new generation of duct leakage testers to meet these new challenges that face contractors in the HVAC industry today and tomorrow. Our duct leakage testers were not only designed to be more advanced and efficient, they were also designed to satisfy all the specifications like: Specification for sheet metal ductwork. DW /143 e 144 class A,B,C,D. SMACNA Sheet Metal Air Contractors National Association class A,B,C), including residential, light commercial, and industrial systems. See the following illustrations below which shows how our Duct Leakage Testers are used in a typical Duct Systems.