Commissioning Impianti srl technicians have at their disposal the following high precision equipment:

» Multifunction handheld board instruments and data loggers
» Vane air speed probes
» Pitot Tube air speed probes
» Hot – wire probes
» Flow Hoods
» Pressure probes
» Differential Pressure probes
» Temperature probes
» Relative humidity and temperature combined probes RH %
» Phonometer probes
» Speed of rotation instruments (RPM)
» Multifunction digital multimeters
» Pitot Tube for Fire Fighting equipment
» Ksb BOA-Control IMS Flow Measurement Indicators
» Duct Leakage tester
» Ultrasonic flow meter for hydronic system
» Blower Door Test

The above equipment is certified in accordance with UNI ISO 10012-2,SIT/DKD and NIST standards.