Commissioning Impianti S.r.l.can offer the following detailed services:

Engineering phase:
» Comment on engineering documents;
» Prepare commissioning and start-up sequence.

Precommissioning phase
» Precommissioning management;
» Precommissioning specialist leaders for all disciplines;
» Witnesses for specific operations such as: Instrument Calibration, Hydrostatic Test, Piping flushing, Vessel cleaning.

Commissioning phase
» Preparation and execution
» Management and technical services
» Equipment test

Start-up phase
» Start-up activities
» Test-run
» Operation up to take over

Commissioning Impianti S.r.l.
has in-house resources, system and courses to offer training to client personnel in Process, Operation, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrument, Automation disciplines.
The service can be turn-key or by supplying the specialized technician for the various disciplines when required, in accordance with the client needs.