Commissioning Impianti S.r.l. more than to guarantee the supply of qualified technicians provided of the whole necessary instrumentation for the commissioning ,start-up and plants testing, can offer a service of instruments and equipment rental continuously certified and in maintenance. This further opportunity allows our company to support the clients with personalized service offering the liberty to choose when there is a demand, the necessary instrumentation for the required time.
We list following the available instruments and equipment:

» Multifunction handheld board instruments and data loggers
» Vane air speed probes
» Pitot Tube air speed probes
» Hot – wire probes
» Flow Hoods
» Pressure probes
» Differential Pressure probes
» Test Pressure Gauge for Hydronic systems
» Temperature probes
» Relative humidity and temperature combined probes RH %
» Phonometer probes
» Speed of rotation instruments (RPM)
» Multifunction digital multimeters
» Pitot Tube for Fire Fighting equipment
» Ksb BOA-Control IMS Flow Measurement Indicators

» Duct Leakage tester
» Blower Door Test
» Test and calibraion Kit for balancing Valves
» Utrasonic flow measurement instrument for Hydronic systems
» Aluminium scaffolds mobile towers
» Professional drilling machine
» Smoke generator for duct and building test
» Vacuum Pump 80 lt/min
» Pressure gauge 4 way for DN 80 R134a/404a/22/407c
» Pressure gauge 4 way for DN 80 R410a
» Test Balance range 80Kg. risoluz.10gr
» Digital Termometer
» Tube bender from 1/4″ to 7/8”
» Friction Pipe flange from 1/8″ to 3/4″