Sound and vibration measurement

The purpose of Sound and Vibration Measurement is to determine a standard criteria for the performance of the sound and vibration testing of building environmental.

Misure fonometriche
Misure fonometriche
Misure fonometriche
Misure fonometriche e di vibrazione
Misure fonometriche e di vibrazione
Misure fonometriche e di vibrazione
Misure fonometriche

Indoor Noise

HVAC  and other types of mechanical and electrical equipment noise are often the primary cause of noise that exist in many indoor spaces. With refer to the design of HVAC and other types of systems, it is necessary to quantify and to determine the acceptability of the noise generated by these systems into building spaces.


Commissioning Impianti srl, uses the appropriate instrumentation to perform sound and vibration

measurements to satisfy the project requirements. Instruments are operated in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. The most suitable instrument, or set of instruments, will be employed for a particular measurement or reading.

The minimum instruments required to perform sound or vibration measurements are the following:


  1. Sound level meter with a full or third octave filter set, and acoustic calibrator.
  2. Analyser with third and full octave capability, and acoustic calibrator.


  1. Sound Level Meter with a third octave filter set, a vibration integrator matched to the

sound level meter, and an accelerometer.

  1. Analyser with third octave and narrow band FFT capability and input capability for an accelerometer.
  2. Vibration Meter and an accelerometer.
  3. Spectrum Analyser and an accelerometer.