TAB Hydronic System

  Ultrasound Flowmeter

Features & Benefits

  • Non invasive clamp-on or wetted transducers
  • Flow range 0.1 to 40 ft/s (0.03 to 12.2 m/s)
  • Velocity, volumetric, energy and totalized flow
  • Built-in datalogger for 100,000 measurements
  • Built-in ultrasonic pipe-thickness gage
  • RTDs for energy flow measurement
  • NIST calibration certificate


Commissioning Impianti srl offers high qualified service for Hydronic balancing system, using one of the most accurate ultrasonic flow measurement instrument. Panametrics PT878 is one of the most powerful portable liquid flowmeters available. It measures flow from outside plastic, metal or concrete-lined pipes nonintrusively, so there’s no pressure drop, leaks or contamination. Patented correlation algorithms resolve transit-time signals like no other flowmeter and allow the PT878 to measure flow in ultrapure to extremely dirty liquids such as raw sewage and slurries.

Can be used to measure flow from ½” to 16 Feet pipes dimension with temperature up to 260 °C.


Technical Specifications

Measurement Range : – Total Pressure: max 2500kPa

– Differential Pressure: 0-1000kPa. (Optional: 0 – 2000kPa)

– Recommended pressure range: 3 – 200kPa

– Static pressure: <1000kPa. (Optional: <2000kPa)

– Ambient temp: -30 – +40°C

– System Temp T1: -30 – +120°C

– System Temp T2: -30 – +120°C

Measurement deviation IP – class Sensor: IP65

Measurement deviation IP – class Sensor: IP65

Portable Meter for measuring flow and pressure difference across DRVs

PFM Flex 3 (PFM = Pressure Flow Meter) is an instrument for pressure- and flow measurements.

The intended usage is checking and documentation of water flow in heating- and cooling constructions. PFM Flex 3 consists mainly of a Measuring Sensor and a Hand Terminal (PPC) including the BalanceFlex

program software. The Sensor measures differential pressure as well as temperature and communicates via Bluetooth with the Hand Terminal.

The Hand Terminal software comprises data of most of the existing balancing valves on the market.

From the Hand terminal list of Balancing Valves, the operator choose the actual one (manufacture, model, dimension, position (giving the corresponding KV). This valve data together with measured DP are the basics for calculation of the correct flow which will be displayed on the Hand terminal screen.

Measurement readings can be shown in a graphical form in the Hand Terminal.

Readings of balanced values with respective valve data can be saved and later shown on the Hand Terminal screen or even on a PC screen that is connected to the Hand Terminal.

The Sensor has two connections for hoses that are to be connected over the measuring object. There is also a handle device on the Sensor for opening and closing of the measuring cell.